Welcome to Another Type of VEX Robotics Competition – Skills Unlimited


This event is a Skills Challenge event only: Driver Skills and Programming Skills

You may have unlimited number of runs with your robot during the event (from 4:30pm to 8:30pm).  However if there is another team(s) ahead of you, you must wait for the other team(s) to complete their run before your turn.

This event is part of an ongoing Skills Challenge event for the entire robotics season.  Therefore no awards will be given at the end of each event.  Your score will be uploaded to the Robotevents.com Skills Challenge Ranking website.  Highest score will qualify for worlds international tournament entry.  See the Skills Ranking website at Robotevents.com for additional details.

Please Note:
(1) You must have your team’s registration ID before registering for the event.
(2) Using the online registration system and paying for the event with a credit card will guarantee your team a spot at the event.
(3) Walk-in in Registration(s) are also welcome, but if the event is full online no walk-in will be accepted.
(4) If you use the online registration system but do not pay for the event with a credit card, your registration will be moved to “Wait List” with no guarantee of entry.
(5) If the number of registered teams at the event does not meet the minimum number of teams required to be an official event, the scores will not be uploaded to the Skills Ranking website.  No refund will be offered.  However, the teams are welcome to use the event as a practice/developmental event to improve their robot’s scoring abilities.

An announcement will be made at the beginning of the event to provide all teams with the most updated information.  The minimum number of teams required for any VEX Robotics competition is set by – Robot Education Competition Foundation (RECF).

Avoid disappointments – register online pay with your credit card.

Please note: No Refund will be offered.

If you have any question(s) please contact the event partner: Brian Yu via email: byu@vsb.bc.ca


Please do not leave a Reply, but rather contact me by email: byu@vsb.bc.ca

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